ENEA – Italian National agency for new technologies, energy and economic sustainable development – is an Italian public research organisation that performs research activities and provides agency services. The Agency’s main research issues are: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Nuclear Energy, Safety and Health, Electric System Research. ENEA is active in participating European and National research projects. ENEA has a team of specialists with experience in development of methodologies and tools for the analysis of energy systems and for environmental assessment; enterprise networking and technology transfer to SMEs.

Dr Giorgio Graditi (PhD in Electrical engineering), is the head of Photovoltaic Technologies Unit of ENEA research centre of Portici (Italy); he will be the main contact for secondment supervision. Seconded  ESRs  will  be  analysing  issues  such  as  circularity  of  supply  chains  in  the  Electric  and Electronic Equipment and Energy industries (looking at components such as solar panels). Giovanna Adinolfi and Viviana Cigolotti (a researcher at ENEA since 2010) will provide additional expertise on energy performance analysis and LCA, along with models and methods for assessing the transition towards the circular economy.