Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope

The research team from Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope involved in this proposal has scientific expertise in: Emergy, exergy and energy analyses; Ecological footprint and material flow accounting; Environmental impact assessment, LCA and quality assessment and certification; Urban and industrial waste management and conversion;

Circular Economy and Technologies. In particular, the present research activity of the team focuses on:

  1. Innovative municipal waste and wastewater management options;
  2. Integrated production patterns to reduce the environmental impact of industrial production (circular economy, “zero-waste production systems”).
  3. Application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Quality Assessment and Certification to assess the energy efficiency, feasibility, and sustainability of production processes across scales.
Gabriella Fiorentino
Gabriella Fiorentino
Research Associate
Her main research interests include valorisation and sustainable use of resources from both perspectives of  laboratory scale tests and  holistic...
Sergio Ulgiati
Sergio Ulgiati
Professor of Life Cycle Assessment and General Systems Theory
Prof. Sergio Ulgiati has world-leading expertise in LCA, environmental chemistry, environmental sustainability assessment, environmental and...