European Recycling Platform (ERP) was founded in 2002 as the first pan-European organization to implement the European Union’s regulations on the recycling of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE Directive). ERP now manages a consolidated network and has developed vast international expertise, expanding its recycling services to include batteries as well as packaging. ERP is the only approved pan-European organization that is trusted by over 2,700 members worldwide and the first in the market offering compliance for WEEE, batteries and packaging in over 32 countries. ERP mission is to develop high-quality, cost-effective recycling services for the benefit of producer members, consumers and ultimately the environment and society. ERP’s network and expertise ensures compliance for producers and importers allowing them to focus on their core business. ERP offers compliance and recycling services in 32 countries ERP currently operates 32 compliance schemes 100 employees constantly manage and monitor ERP services ERP has more than 3000 agreements with producer members 32 Fortune-500 companies are ERP Members.
ERP’s team involved in ReTraCE will include: Umberto Raiteri (CEO) with an all-encompassing “cradle to grave” experience on consumer products lifecycle, e-waste collection and recycling; Alberto Canni Ferrary (Italy Country Manager), Samantha Charalambous and Bruna Di Muro (Marketing and Communications).