Proteg SPA is a company specialized in the collection and further processing of animal by-products (ABP), slaughterhouse waste and food of animal origin unfit for human consumption, and the recovery of animal and vegetable oils and fats. All products mentioned above come from commercial and industrial activities or by households. From the rendering processing of animal by- are obtained protein meal and animal fat. The animal meal is used in agriculture as organic fertilizer, in the pet-food industry or alternatively it is sent to disposal by incineration. Part of rendered fats are placed on the market and can be used in the animal feed sector, in the production of soaps or industrial lubricants and finally in the energy sector, while the remaining part is used by the company itself as a fuel in a co-generation plant, suitable for the production of average 5 MW of electric energy.

The team at PTG will be composed of Francesco Papa (CEO), Salvatore Papa (Director), Pietro Montesarchio (Industrial Chemistry Expert); Pietro, a Chemical expert in the fields biomass conversion, waste cooking oil refining, quality control of chemical processes and laboratory, animal fat rendering and conversion to fuel material, and  animal meal feedstock, will be directly taking care of seconded ESRs; ESRs will be mainly acquiring data and testing models about environmental and economic aspects of reverse supply chains and manufacturing opportunities related to by-products and waste streams.