Amos is and an ESR fellow and a PhD candidate at the Università degli Studi di Napoli PARTHENOPE. Amos has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Ecology and Resource Efficiency from TPU-Russia; in his MSc dissertation, he focused on the life cycle assessment of PET bottles.
He worked as a Sustainability Consultant under the Zimbabwe National Cleaner Production Centre. He consulted, trained and worked with a number of industrial sectors working towards the transition to a circular economy, zero waste and waste utilization. He has worked within Zimbabwe, South Africa and other Southern African countries pushing the green industry agenda regionally.


As an Early Stage Researcher based at UPN (Italy), Amos will focus on the recovery of energy and materials from collection and treatment of organic residues.
His research will address ReTraCe’s research question on the environmental implications of circular production systems in terms of energy use, pollution, resource efficiency and waste recovered when compared to a traditional linear model paradigm.
A multi-method approach is going to be applied including life cycle assessments, energy accounting and stakeholder engagement in order to achieve the research objectives