Josep Pinyol Alberich is an ESR fellow at the Academy of Business and Society (ABIS) and a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter. Prior to his PhD, Josep worked as a junior researcher for the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable development at Universiteit Utrecht, performing research on the governance conditions to implement recycled water schemes in urban areas as a strategy to adapt to climate change.



Josep’s research project focuses on the analysis of the existing political discourses on the topic of Circular Economy in the European Union and the relationship between existing public discourses and policy change. This research project has the ambition to deepen knowledge and understanding of the public discourse as a driver of policy change in the field of the circular economy and to seek the causality between an evolution of public discouses and policy change within the European Union.


Journal Papers

Alberich, J. P. (2022) Motivations of European Union Members States to Adopt Circular Economy Strategies: Towards a Critical Geopolitical Approach. Dans Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2022/0

Arsova, S., Genovese, A., Ketikidis, P. H., Alberich, J. P., & Solomon, A. (2021). Implementing Regional Circular Economy Policies: A Proposed Living Constellation of Stakeholders. Sustainability, 13(9), 4916.

Bimpizas-Pinis, M., Bozhinovska, E., Genovese, A., Lowe, B., Pansera, M., Alberich, J. P., & Ramezankhani, M. J. (2021). Is efficiency enough for circular economy?. Resour Conserv Recycl167, 105399.

Pinyol Alberich, J., Mukhtarov, F., Dieperink, C., Driessen, P., & Broekman, A. (2019). Upscaling urban recycled water schemes: An analysis of the presence of required governance conditions in the city of Sabadell (Spain). Water11(1), 11.

Conference Papers

Pinyol Alberich, J. (2020, July). Exploring the Extent of Political Discourse Change in the Circular Economy. In Proceedings of the IS4CE2020 Conference of the International Society for the Circular Economy (pp. 6-7).