An MSc in Industrial Ecology from Universitat Autońoma de Barcelona, Jai Verma is a sustainability researcher with a proven track record of working within complex projects, particularly EU LIFE  & Horizon 2020, in both public and private sectors. He is well versed in delivering initiatives in a multi-cultural environment, working effectively with international stakeholders. As a professional striving for environmental sustainability through innovation, he is experienced in carrying out sustainability assessments using the technique of life cycle assessment, encompassing all three dimensions of sustainability. As part of ReTraCE, Jai’s research will focus on devising novel assessment frameworks fostering the CE transition.


Jai’s research will focus on devising a novel assessment framework fostering the CE transition. Presently working on circularity metrics at product level, Jai’s work is aimed at devising a new set of circularity indicators and coupling them with the traditional Life Cycle Assessment tools in order to develop a model for assessing circularity transition at micro-meso levels. His further research will be centred around identifying appropriate methods for including social and environmental externalities within conventional whole life cost models, in order to develop life cycle cost models for evaluating product innovations relating to the Circular Economy particularly in the context of extending product life and reuse. The developed model will be used to perform comparisons of linear and circular production systems (for improving life-cycle costing estimates). An examination of alternatives to neoclassical value theory and their relevance to the Circular Economy will also be done. Jai’s research work will also contribute to the development of a new approach to value articulation in the context of the Circular Economy.


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