1st ReTraCE Network School


1st ReTraCE Network School 3rd-7th June 2019


4th June

Prof Stefan Seuring, University of Kassel, Germany
Empirical Research with a focus on Case Studies

Prof Murat Arsel, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
Neoliberal, Capitalism and Sustainability

Prof Sergio Rubio, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain
Transition to a Circular Economy: The Spanish case

Ms Dimitra Mintsidis, Federesco, Italy
Application of Circular Economy to Business Models

Prof. Miguel Rodriguez, Universidad de Vigo, Spain
A discussion on political and economic indicators for circular economy assessment

5th June

Dr Marco Veronese Passarella, Leeds University, UK
An Introduction to Modelling Approaches for Ecological Economics

Prof. Anthony Shun Fung Chiu, De La Salle University, Philippines
Circular Economy through Eco-Industrial Development

6th June

Dr Mario Pansera, ABIS, Belgium with Dr. Stevienna de Saille, Institute for the Study of the Human, iHuman, USFD
The Politics of Knowledge i.e. Theory and Practice of Responsible Research and Innovation

Dr. Andrea Jimenez, Sheffield Institute for International Development, SIID, USFD
An Introduction to Alternative Epistemological Perspectives to Address Sustainability

David Garlovsky, Innotherm, UK
Bigfoot – Littlefoot – Barefoot: choosing building materials: following principles of circular economy