Allariz City Council and ReTraCE

Allariz City Council and ReTraCE

The Allariz City Council is one of the local authorities participating in the international ReTraCE program, a network of universities, companies and non-profit organizations established to train researchers and professionals in the field of Circular Economy.

The network brings together a team of worldwide experts and academic leaders to make progress in understanding the transition to a Circular Economy (CE) in the European context both within existing organizations and industries and through innovative business models and sustainable. The proposed approach is multidisciplinary and aims to significantly improve the current understanding of the application of circular economy principle from an economic, environmental and social point of view. In addition, the research program aims to provide insights for the development and implementation of public policies.

The consortium of 10 beneficiaries (7 academic groups and 3 non-academics from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Germany) will design and offer multidisciplinary training for 15 researchers, offering an international exchange program through the broad network of associated organizations, among them the City Council of Allariz.

Dr Mario Pansera, based in Allariz and member of the consortium, presented the ReTraCE program, which “is designed specifically to train new leaders and academics capable of leading the transition from a more sustainable mode of production and consumption in Europe.”

The network also aims to directly facilitate the implementation of the European Commission’s Circular Economy strategy, which is closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). It is expected that the trained researchers will become employable not only by research institutions, but also by public sector organizations and within the broad range of companies that will require new professional profiles to make the transition to the CE.

The Mayor of Allariz, Cristina Cid, welcomes the project “which aims to lay the foundations for the training of professionals that will be able to make circular economy a reality. Allariz is highly committed to the transition towards a more sustainable world as demonstrated by the implementation of projects such as community composting, among others. ”

The mayor acknowledged that “this is a possibility to participate in another ambitious project” and stresses that “from the countryside, one can also work for the world and make decisions that can change the planet.”

Allariz will host, in the coming year, several doctoral students who will participate in training sessions to gain awareness of the sustainable projects that are carried out in the town.