It’s time to change!

It’s time to change!

We love consuming goods
Buying things changes our mood,
but are we aware of the environmental issues we have caused?

There are tons of plastics in the ocean
The pollution by carbon dioxide is ferocious
Many animals and plants are endangered to extinction

Then, it’s time to change such unsustainable condition

Otherwise, the earth will have no natural resources for our children and
no safe water for living organisms

We can build a better future now,
yet some people will ask “how”
Sustainable initiatives throughout the globe exist
Speaking of Circular Economy solutions,
they are the great shift

Scientists, policy-makers, and many other committed groups
we are with you
Because saving the planet is an ought to!


Aquarelle by Raisa Christina. She is a visual artist and writer and has a Master’s degree in Arts from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Brazil. She works with illustrations and urban intervention and gives lectures about drawing and creative writing.