ReTraCE at the 8th IWACP Conference

ReTraCE at the 8th IWACP Conference

The 8th International Workshop on Advances in Cleaner Production will take place from the 13th to the 15th of November in Sanya, for the first time in China. The Advances in Cleaner Production Network set the conference theme “Coupling Green to Blue Economies: How are Cleaner Production and Cities leading the Next Sustainable Development?”

The organisers aimed to welcome contributions from different disciplines contributing to Cleaner Production. Such concept is meant to go much beyond the simple control of pollution and is strongly focused on the prevention of the negative environmental impact. This can happen thanks to the development of new processes, materials and products aimed at promoting the efficient use of resources and energy.

The ReTraCE Network research is strongly aligned to these objectives, which are integral part of the transition towards a Circular Economy. A big delegation of Early Stage Researchers, along with faculty members and supervisors, will participate in the event and present the work they have undertaken in the first six months since their employment started.

On Wednesday afternoon, during the Resource Efficiency session Amos Ncube (ESR5, UPN), Mariana Oliveira (ESR6, UPN) and Sergio Ulgiati (UPN) (with Lynda Mangori and Rufaro Matsika) will share their work with the title “Assessing potential for resource efficiency and cleaner production in Zimbabwe brick industry”.
In parallel, during the Environmental Management, session Sanja Arsova (ESR13, SEERC) will introduce her systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis on the application of the Circular Economy paradigm. This is a joint work she is producing with the collaboration of Andrea Genovese (USFD), Panayiotis H. Ketikidis (SEERC) and Adrian Solomon (SEERC).

On Thursday, the agenda is dense of our ESRs presentations. In the morning, Tommaso Calzolari (ESR1, USFD) will open the Environmental Management session with his Systematic Literature Review of Circular Economy Indicators for Supply Chains (prepared with Andrea Genovese and Andrew Brint).
Azar MahmoumGonbadi (ESR2, USFD) with Andrea Genovese and Antonino Sgalambro (USFD) will present her review that focus on Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design Problems, and on the penetration of sustainability criteria in these modelling approaches.
Amos Ncube will also on present Thursday (with Maria Colella, UPN, and Sergio Ulgiati) two analyses focusing on the food industry: the first on wine production industry and the opportunities that can be taken by adopting a circular economy perspective. The second on the environmental performance and benefits of a circular olive oil production process.
Sven Kevin van Langen (ESR7, OE and UPN), Renato Passaro (UPN) and Sergio Ulgiati (with Patrizia Ghisellini, UPN) will introduce their paper on the expected and unexpected scenarios of an accelerated adoption of Circular Economy.
Mariana Oliveira and Sergio Ulgiati will join the Food-Energy-Water Nexus session (with Annalisa Cocozza – UPN – and Amalia Zucaro – ENEA) with their work on “Circular Economy in the Agro-industry: Environmental Assessment of Dairy Products”. 

Sergio Ulgiati will be very active, presending, throughout the three days, some of his recent works:
– “Accelerating the Scale-up Towards the Circular Economy Pattern: From an Eco-industrial Park towards an Urban Agglomeration” (with Gengyuan Liu)
– “Overcoming the asymmetry between urban and rural systems. Towards fair exchange and appropriate use of environmental and human capital”
– “Planning and policy strategies for tomorrow’s sustainable cities. Potentials of circular buildings explored through systems thinking and emergy accounting.”
– “Emergy evaluation of ‘value added’ by ecosystem functions”

Stay tuned, updates will follow!