ReTraCE@Online International Conference on Innovation and CE, 25th-27th March

ReTraCE@Online International Conference on Innovation and CE, 25th-27th March

The ReTrace network will present at the next International Conference on Innovation and Circular Economy organised by the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) in Spain.

The conference will be held online on March 25, 26 and 27 – full agenda is available here and registration for virtual assistance is currently open at the following link:

Drawing on a collaboration between the research team ICEDE of the USC and the French Research Network on Innovation (RNI), the objective of the conference is to understand the role of innovations in supporting the transition to a circular economy, as well as how the circular economy supports and encourages processes and the generation of innovation. The contributions that will be presented will explore the following themes:

– The definition and measurement of innovation in the field of the circular economy and its economic, social and environmental impacts;
– The implementation of the circular economy at the company level: new business models, new entrepreneurs, development of product-services systems, eco-design, management of the innovation process
– The implementation of the circular economy at the territorial level: territorial experiences, global value chain, specific governance;
– National and regional public policies to support innovation in the circular economy.

ReTrace will be present at the conference with contributions from its supervisors/ESRs and an Advisory Board member.

The presentations will be freely available online through the Adobe Video Conference offered by the organisers on the conference website.

The schedule of the interventions of ReTrace members is the following:

Wednesday 25th March, 10:00-11:00:

The Circular Economy at a crossroad: Technocratic Eco-Modernism or Convivial Technology for Social Revolution? By Mario Pansera, Andrea Genovese

Thursday 26th March, 12:15-13:30:

Systematic Literature Review of the Dutch Green Deals; Micro and Meso level Public-Private Partnership Agreement. By Sven Kevin van Langen, Renato Passaro

Friday 27th March, 11:15-12:00:

  • The discourse of circular economy at a local level; an analysis of the implications of the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan in Galicia (Spain). By Josep Pinyol, Mario Pansera
  • Design of a circular economy strategy. The case of the Galician Circular Economy Strategy. By Miquel Rodríquez