The virtual ReTraCE Roundtable for Industry and Policy Makers

The virtual ReTraCE Roundtable for Industry and Policy Makers

Text by Sanja Arsova and Azar Mahmoungonbadi

The First Day of the Roundtable event for exchanging knowledge between the 15 Early Stage Researchers, industries and policy makers successfully took place virtually. The event started with great opening remarks by Prof. Andrea Genovese and reached 80 people attending at the peak moment. Then, we had two excellent sessions with a supreme display of our progress. WP1 talked about evaluating circular supply chains and production systems and WP2 elaborated on technical and methodological work to assess environmental efficiency towards the Circular Economy. Above all, we received precious and valuable feedback from David Fitzsimons, Jessica Peters and Louis Brimacombe.

The second day of the virtual Roundtable continued with the same success and level of quality. Prof. Mario Pansera opened the second day and introduced the program of the day. In continuity, the ESRs from WP3, whose work is directed towards assessing economic efficiency in the context of circular economy, shared their work. The ESRs from WP4, looking at development policy for the circular economy, also presented their research progress. During these first two sessions policy and industry experts provided their constructive feedback for the progress achieved so far, but also gave valuable suggestions for future considerations.

Almost a year passed since the First Network School, which marked the Project’s kick off. A year full of work, achievements, cooperation and public engagement, not only for the ESRs but for all Project Partners. During this year the ESRs, with the coordination from the WP Leaderships were able to deliver six Deliverables to the European Commission. The main contributions of these reports were also presented to the panel of experts, and the feedback received confirmed the right direction of the research so far.

Many thanks to all the participants and experts that were part of the panels during the second day: Michal Kubicki, Dimitri Corpakis, Patrick Schroeder, Alessandro Miraglia, Oriana Romano, Ivo Matser, Vincenzo Pavone and Alexandre Lemille. Last but not least, many thanks to the organisers ABIS for making sure this important event still took place. This is another proof of our determination and passion to complete successfully what we started a year ago, and proving the resilience and agility of our project!