Publication prestigious recognition

Publication prestigious recognition

The article “A review on the circular economy: the expected transition to a balanced interplay between environmental and economic systems” by Patrizia Ghisellini, Catia Cialani and Sergio Ulgiati has been awarded by the prestigious international Journal “Journal of Cleaner Production”.

The Journal of Cleaner Production to celebrate the growing interest in the Journal and the launch of a new series of titles decided to share and reward some of the most innovative and original articles among all the published manuscripts. The high quality of the latter greatly expresses the key focus of the Journal of Cleaner Production on quality and passion for sustainability. These factors contributed to make it one of the most quoted Journals in the fields of sustainable production and consumption as well as circular economy. The Journal has achieved high performance indicators in recent years: Cite Score 10.9 and Impact Factor of 7,246.

The article by Patrizia Ghisellini, Catia Cialani and Sergio Ulgiati, as pointed out by the Journal of Cleaner Production, is one of the most read and even most cited articles. In less than 5 years the article attracted the interest of more than 3300 readers and received several citations equal to 1080.

The interview with the authors highlights that the high interest and impact of the article has led to new collaborations and international projects as well as proposals for articles and chapters on volumes. In addition, the interview deepens on the main conclusions of the article and the importance of its results in the field of circular economy research, the aspects related to the choice of the Journal by the authors, the opportunity of publishing open access and the quality of the review process. The latter, in particular, has contributed to further enhance the quality of the article and get in contact (even in the anonymity of the review process) with experts in the field of research of circular economy and sustainability.