Policy Briefs & Follow-Up event

Policy Briefs & Follow-Up event

An insightful discussion on the circular economy transition at the closing event of the ReTraCE project! 🌱

Luca Polidori (Holland Circular Hotspot), Patrick Schröder (Chatham House), Emanuele di Francesco (World Resources Forum) joined us on the panel led by Andrea Genovese (ReTraCE coordinator)

Our conversation covered:

  • Partnering in supply chains: fostering collaboration between public & private sectors for risk sharing.
  • Tackling “linear lock-in”: Addressing the challenge of shifting from well-established linear supply chains with strong relationships between supply and demand to more circular models.
  • Rethinking Global North & Global South relationships: Ensuring the transition to a circular economy doesn’t exclude traditional import/export dynamics, and fosters new collaborations for a sustainable future.
  • Addressing political will and translating academic deliverables into actionable steps.
  • Promoting eco-efficient and circular technologies to make green processes affordable globally.

We also discussed rethinking growth indicators, embracing plurality, and the need for a new macro-economic model to go beyond GDP, in a truly great and passionate discussion.

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