Circular Economy in Practice

Circular Economy in Practice

by Azar Mahmounmgonbadi

Reyt Repair is a community repair shop based in Pitsmoor (Abbeyfield House, S4 7AT), Sheffield, powered by a team of volunteers who are on hand to repair clothes, furniture and electricals. In collaboration with researchers from the ReTraCE and JUST2CE projects from Sheffield University Management School, Reyt Repair has hosted an open day of repair on Thursday 27th April. The event has been free to join and open to all on a drop-in basis, featuring two structured repair workshops where attendees have learned how to repair common household items, as well as volunteers on hand throughout the day, who have provided repairs and expert consultation.

“Instead of returning my coat to the shop because of the missing button and some holes in a pocket, I just opted to #repair it at the #open_day hosted by #Reyt_Repair“, said Azar MahmoumGonbadi, an ESR from the ReTraCE project. “It was an excellent experience, full of fun and useful learning workshops which we could learn:

  • How to repair common #household items,
  • Fixing a #tap#leaking and getting familiar to #plumbing as well as various #faucets,
  • How to fix a damaged #cable and replace a #plug,
  • And last but not least, how to fix a hole in our pocket, replace a missing button (which was my initial problem) and turn up our trousers.

It was actually great to see how #circulareconomy and #theories about #circular#futures actually looks like in practice.By attending this workshop, I could not only avoid paying extra fee to repair my coat, but also am able to fix my tap, plug and more importantly my clothes now”.