Sanja is an ESR fellow at SEERC and a PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield. She got a First Class degree at the International Faculty of the University of Sheffield (City College, Thessaloniki, Greece) and during her BA in Business and Administration she has been awarded as a Highly Commended Entrant in Economics Category (2017) and Business Category (2016) from the prestigious Undergraduate Awards. She has been involved in a transnational research project, which had the goal to enhance the research collaboration and co-operation between EU and India. After this engagement, she has been working at the European Central Bank as a trainee in Directorate General Finance, and as an analyst in Directorate Internal Audit.


During her PhD Sanja will focus on the development of regional policies that could foster and support the transition to the Circular Economy. The main objectives in this regard will be:
– to identify core actors and institutions that could support the transition to a CE;
– to provide insight to the development of socially inclusive and responsible mechanisms of local governance for the transition;
– to identify metrics and indicators of CE-based regional development and to understand how different stakeholders influence them;
– to identify drivers and barriers for the implementation of regional policies for the transition.