ReTraCE featured in UniKassel Report on Sustainability

The work developed by ESRs Jayani Ishara Sudusinghe and Felipe Alexandre de Lima and their research team, under the direction of Prof. Seuring, is featured in the Today for tomorrow. Third report on sustainability in Research, teaching and operations of the University of Kassel .

The project is investigating Decision Support Tools within supply chains, with the aim of identifying services to be based on ecological soundness, measured from a social and economic point of view.
In addition, within the framework of this sub-project, risks and barriers to implementing circular supply chains are discussed. This creates potential for cooperation between partners along the value chain both on technologically as well as on a planning level.


Aquarelle in the article by Raisa Christina. She is a visual artist and writer and has a Master’s degree in Arts from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Brazil. She works with illustrations and urban intervention and gives lectures about drawing and creative writing.