The consortium is also enriched by non-beneficiary partners from the industrial world and from non-European countries that are leading the way in terms of CE implementation. Such partners will ensure an exchange of best practices and allow ESRs to investigate the adaptability of the CE paradigm to different contexts and economic systems.

Academic Institutions

The University of Exeter is a member of the UK’s Russell Group of leading research-intensive universities.

The Leeds University Business School (LUBS) is one of the most influential business schools in Europe.

University of Ulsan is one of the main universities in South Korea.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the main universities in  the People’s Republic of China.

Laboratorio de Economia Experimental (LEE – Universitat Jaume I, Spain) is one of the largest economics laboratories in Europe.

The Universidade de Vigo (Spain) is a young and dynamic public university that offers a wide range of programs across three specialized and innovative campuses.

Local and Governmental Authorities

COGEI Srl is a company founded in 1992 to operate in the field of environmental protection in the Campania region of Italy.

The African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) is a registered Non-Profit Organisation in South Africa (195-590 NPO).

ENEA– Italian National agency for new technologies, energy and economic sustainable development – is an Italian public research organisation that performs research activities and provides agency service.

Established in 1995, CSR Europe – The Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility has become the leading industry platform in Europe promoting sustainable and responsible business practices and dialogue with European policy institutions.

Sheffield City Council is a Unitary Local Authority. The vision of the Waste Management team is to reduce the environmental impact of Sheffield’s waste and to exceed the expectations of our customers.

The City Council of Allariz is leader in fostering sustainable development in the region of Galicia in Spain. The main objective of the Council is to achieve an economic, ecological and social equilibrium.

Private Organisations

SEPVE – Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece – was established in 1994 as a private non-profit organisation based in Thessaloniki (over 240 members).

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 375,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2015).

Circle Economy is a Social Enterprise aimed at the promotion and acceleration of the transition towards a Circular Economy.

Esco Italia is the leading Italian Energy Service Company on the national scene, founded in 2002 for the purpose of intervening and regulating energy consumption through energy efficiency.

Proteg SPA is a company specialized in the collection and further processing of animal by-products (ABP), slaughterhouse waste and food of animal origin unfit for human consumption, and the recovery of animal and vegetable oils and fats.

Recovery Insulation Ltd. is a social enterprise/for profit share capital company established in 2002 by Schools & Homes Energy Education Project/Solar-Active with support from the Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit (SCEDU).

Logo ELGA: industria conciaria

Elga srl is a small tanning company based in the province of Caserta. The company has a long tradition in the tanning industry and a fully integrated process from purchasing raw leather to tanning, finishing and water treatment.

SMA Solar Technology is a leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology. SMA is setting standards today for a decentralized and renewable energy supply of tomorrow.

Solvay SA is a multi-specialty chemical company, committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges.

European Recycling Platform (ERP) was founded in 2002 as the first pan-European organization to implement the European Union’s regulations on the recycling of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE Directive).

A&C Ecotech is a company specialized in the recovery and disposal of technological waste, authorized to collect, store and transport hazardous and non-hazardous special waste.