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Thank you so much!

Stientje van Veldhoven, Minister for Environment of the Netherlands, said, “we need to look at the resources side” instead of base decisions on energy efficiency – during her speech on World Circular Economy Forum about improving circularity by creating new markets and appropriate policies.

She was talking to me! (Not only me, of course, but her speech touched me.)

First of all, because my Ph.D. project is based on environmental assessment indicators towards the Circular Economy. A method I’ve been studying since 2015, and I’m passionate is EMergy (check my fellow post about this method). EMergy (with capital M) accounts for the biosphere support. In other words, EMergy brings the resources perspective to the table.

But even more than that, she talked to me as a woman. I listened to a strong woman organizing her schedule to meet all her responsibilities, talking to a vast audience from her car, between other appointments.

We, women, are always organizing our time to face the concomitant daily challenges we have as professional, mother, wife/partner, house manager, and also find time to be ourselves. We are judged by our age, appearance, behavior, outfit, and not fit on the social/family expectations. We experience prejudice each day that drains part of our energy. We need to push to be listened to and respected. And we do all these things at the same time, from our car seat if needed!

This post is for all the women I’m pleased to share my work time, days,  projects, thoughts, and dreams. Thank you for inspiring me!!! Know that you are all strong in your own way.

Feature Image Credits: Mariana Oliveira’s print screen of the Netherlands Minister for Environment, Stientje van Veldhoven, during her speech on the WCEF.